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to our project EUTVCOUNCIL,

the forum for the symbiosis of integration with the media. The issue of integration is on everyone's lips and reached by the recent developments a high presence in the media. But we deal already longer with the issue, have a different understanding and a corresponding solution concept.

Follow our ideas ...


The idea of founding a new television channel "EIN TV-KANAL DER INTEGRATION" refers to my intensive research  in the media industry and also to my professional history.

The main aspect of the television channel differs from other known channels which is the integration and cooperation of all different nations of Europe in the media industry.

In a result of my long-standing studies, I think that the time has come to finally present my result and to establish my business idea in the world of media technologies.

Aims ans purposes of the European council

  • This association is a platform for a corporative European television including all active social members

  • This association serves as a integrated standard for shared values and for the educational advertising of integration for Europe.

  • EUTVCOUNCIL pursues an high quality of positioning in the sectors of media and television throughout Europe.

  • Exchange of experience and cooperation.

  • Support of audiovisual media work in the EU.

  • Support of non-profit (charitable) and social projects.

  • Support of fair and equal co-operations between television channels,companies of all shapes and sizes and also of different legal forms and international institutions.

  • Support of economic interests of all members

  • Establishment of charitable organizations.

  • Meetings and social events for the exchange of experience and cooperation between all the members in the different countries.

  •  Awarding prizes to work of the members and their ideas.




Cultural intelligence

Cultural intelligence is an ability to understand different cultures and to react suitable in every situation cursed by cultural circumstances. That includes reacting and acting intelligent effectively towards all kind of situations.  The cultural intelligence is measurable and can be learned and also trained.

It stands for the interest and the courage for innovation, to know all the different behaviours of the known and unknown cultures to prevent irritations.

To review the own cultural intelligence means to take precautions not to fail in new projects aboard.

The main mistake done by a large number of people is to have prejudices against different cultures. Our aim is to avoid this thinking by involving all members of Europe in the television for integration.


Background of the idea

Our country is in a constant change not only Germany also Europe is in the progress of change.

In the past years a rapid development could be seen. All the nations had to fight with circumstances which influenced not only the economy, it influenced the people of Europe.

The influx of refugees is immense but we shouldn´t be afraid we should stand together as one nation. It is not only the task of our government to integrate the refugees in our cultures, it is also our wish and aim to inform our people about those refugees to overcome our people´s fear from something different , something new.

This concept stands therefore for the integration of all kind of people because Europe is growing.

It is growing to a multicultural Europe. And we should start working towards a peaceful and respectful life together. The first step has been taken and I am looking forward to the see where this project is taking us and how it is growing to a new era of INTEGRATION in Television!

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