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Conselis Media as global multiple platform media and entertainment company covers multiple sections in media industry including, TV channel, Social Media Management, Production, Marketing, Consulting and a Creative Agency.



Conselis Media is also the founder of European TV Council, an association that represents the interests of European television broadcasters, television producers and other producers of audiovisual media, technical service providers, media builders as well as media companies.


European TV Council works for the cultural, political and economic law, laws and concerns of the media industry throughout Europe

We ❤ Designing Success For Our Customers

We have set ourselves the task of developing and realizing innovative and future-oriented media & marketing solutions for our customers. 

Building a brand is like growing a plant from a seed. In years of hard work, good care and love to build, maintain and grow your brand.

It is hard to leave it someone else to care during long trips. Not being sure if it will be in good hand and care.


Working with an agency is also not an easy decision. It is natural to keep searching for the right agency that would love and take care your brand

as much as you do.

Finding the right agency can sometimes be frustrating.

Finding the right agency with qualifications for your brand who can speak your language and implement your vision... 


We are here for you.

We are here to care your brand.

We are here to your success.



a group of business partners, employees

who are aware of the importance of Teamwork.

A full-service creative agency from the Rhine, from Cologne, from Germany.

We create strategies, ideas, and solutions that are best for your brand.  

And we are known for our international passion for achieving results with our creative solutions.

We are open and very interested in multicultural products

to integrate brands from all over the world in Europe!

We are the answer for your search.

A response that you have been waiting for.


We are your success in Europe.

We combine research, strategy, creativity, and technology to provide our international customers with the best possible marketing solutions.

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