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In 2016, we started our long-term project EU TV Council. EU TV Council is an innovative and integrative media forum. 

It is an association that represents the interests of European television broadcasters, television producers and other producers of audiovisual media, technical service providers and media companies.

European TV Council is committed to the maintenance of cultural, political and economic values in the media industry throughout Europe.

Not least due to recent developments Integration is currently more crucial than ever. However, the way the mass media deals with this topic is disputed.


CONSELIS Media has been dealing with the issue of Integration for quite a while and has developed a different approach and a different solution concept.

Our answer to Integration is crossmedial and beyond...


EU TV Council

A Television Channel for Integration

The purpose of founding an "integrative" television channel is the integration and cooperation of all European nations that are represented in the media industry.

Based on a series of studies and research, the mission of EU TV Council can be defined as follows:

Aims of EU TV Council

  • It is a platform for a coorporative European television, providing an active membership.

  • It serves as a standard for shared values and for the educational advertising of integration in Europe.

  • It pursues a high quality of positioning in the sectors of media and television throughout Europe.

  • It aims for the exchange of experience and cooperation.

  • It supports audiovisual media work in Europe.

  • It supports non-profit, charitable and social projects.

  • It supports a fair and equal cooperation between television channels and companies of all sizes, as well as of different legal forms and international institutions.

  • It supports economic the interests of all members.

  • It enables the establishment of charitable organisations.

  • There are regular meetings and social events for the purpose of experience exchange and cooperation between the international members.

  • All members have the opportunity to get awards for outstanding projects and ideas.

Cultural Intelligence

Cultural intelligence is the ability to understand different cultures and to react accordingly in intercultural situations . This includes acting and reacting reflectively and effectively. Cultural intelligence is not measurable but can be learned and also trained.

Cultural intelligence stands for the interest and the courage for innovation and being able to deal with known as well as with unknown cultures without causing irritations.

Reviewing your own cultural intelligence helps you not to fail in new projects abroad. The main mistake done by a large number of people is having prejudices against different cultures. The aim of the project is to avoid this type of thinking by linking all European members using the power of media.


Our Motivation

Europe is constantly changing. All nations have to struggle with circumstances which do not only influence economy but also the people. The current influx of refugees is immense. However, we should not be afraid, we should stand together as "one nation". It is not only our government's responsibility to integrate the refugees in our cultures. Another aim is, therefore, to inform people about the refugees in order to help Europe overcome xenophobia.

EU TV Council stands for the integration of all people. Europe is getting more and more multicultural. And we should start working towards a peaceful and respectful life, for everyone. The first step has been taken and we are looking forward to finding out where this project will take us. May it be a new era of "integrative" television?

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