CONSELIS Media is a full-service Creative Agency from Cologne, Germany. We are a group of Media & Marketing professionals and business partners, who pursue teamwork at its best. With passion and expertise, we develop and realise innovative and future-oriented Media and Marketing solutions.

As a global Marketing, Media and Creative Agency, CONSELIS Media covers multiple services of the media industry, including Marketing and Media Consulting & Management and even Media Production.


Establishing a new brand is like growing a plant from a seed.

With hard work, decent care and meticulous passion, we create, maintain and nurture your brand until its fullest unfolding.

We combine research, strategy, creativity and technology in order to provide our international customers with the best possible Media and Marketing solutions.

With CONSELIS Media, you have a partner who can speak your language and implement your vision.

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How do you get from the ideal Strategy to the ideal Market Placement?

Using our direct link to CONSELIS Trade, we can even take your Marketing Management one step further, and realise the ideal market position for your brands and products.


Are you looking for the right

Marketing Strategy?

We will turn your abstract brand into a real product. Fully equipped with not only pertinent experience but also unparalleled expertise and research, we conceive customised strategies that do not only go hand in hand with your corporate culture but also, and especially, with your visions of success.

How well do you know the current

Market Conditions?

We incessantly analyse market conditions, such as current trends, case studies, competitors, opportunities and risks, in order to be able to elaborate the perfect strategies for our clients.

How do you implement


CONSELIS Media will help you to create a brand that is not only memorable but also unique. The first step of our approach is to formulate an unequalled brand name. The next step is to optimise the online and offline platforms of your company.

How does your company gain a

Corporate Identity?

With an easily remembered brand name serving as a scaffold, we provide your company with a “face” that is not only recognisable but even somewhat intimidating to your competitors.

Do you know how to revolutionise your


Our elaborate market research enables us to find the best multimedia channels for your message and, moreover, to make your message convincing, if not revolutionary.